Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Took a walk downtown today...

...and found some fanTASTIC stores to photograph stuff in. It's a little town, but I was still surprised no one kicked me out or got mad! Let me know what you think, as always.


  1. I love the angles that you used in most of the pictures. I like how close up shots add blur to other parts of a photo. I ended up buying a macro lens so I'm looking forward to shooting with it. Thanks for your great comments on my blog. I keep going back to photo 3, it caught my attention. The blue bottle and white beads photo is also wonderful. Terrific job!

  2. Amazing stuff, Jess!!!

    Have you checked your gmail yet? I sent you an email that requires your immediate attention. ;)

  3. My favorite is the frosted white bottle with the tree on it. It is stunning!

  4. I liked them all, each one looks like a story...

  5. I went into Max Brenner one day. They have boxes of various coffee beans and that kind of stuff. I thought the textures would make an awesome photo. But the moment I whipped out my camera the guy behind the counter rushed over to tell me that they didn't allow photos in the store because their store layout design was patented or something. I gave him a look and said, 'dude, I just like the texture of the coffee beans' so he let me take pictures but just said to be quick. :)

    You captured some wonderful colours and patterns in these shots. They're great.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments!!
    Chosha, what a story haha. I've definitely had that experience before! weird looks...comments...I've actually had people freak out on me. But I like that you persevered and got the shot!
    And in response to Framing's comment, I noticed that I do use that technique a lot (blurring out parts of the picture). I really like how it focuses on the important parts of the photo and draws your attention to them immediately. Good observation!

  7. All beautiful Jess. I especially like the first one, and of course, I love the black and white one.

  8. Great Color Composition! Great Captured! Keep the good work.

  9. Jess.......this is a fantastic blog you have going here!
    Love the snaps about town. Tuesdays, I do a little tour of my hometown, Newnan, Georgia. Such a charming little place to live. We love our lives here.
    Please stop by for a little visit when you have a moment or two.

    Stead On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Oh, i`m glad to find your blog. It`s so wonderful. Your pictures are great art. So much feeling inside.
    Wish you a inspired weekend.
    Greatings from Germany

  11. Hi! I love the one with the man and his son
    (?) in black and white.

    I also love your snow couple shot on the side of your blog posts.


    We do have a lot in common, according to our blog profiles. :)

  12. Nice Blog! I love your photos, so pleasing!

  13. great work and randomness is great right? Lovely truly lovely

  14. Hi Jess,
    I like your photos and those objects!
    Nice color ;)

    I'm Vina, Nice to see your blog! :)