Thursday, July 26, 2012

Say Hello To Our Newest Addition!

About a month ago, my husband and I made the decision to purchase a 2013 Mustang GT. He's always been a fan of Mustangs, had an '03 Cobra when we met, so this was a long time coming. He's missed it ever since he sold it about 5 years ago (got horrible gas mileage, he was visiting me every weekend up at school). But I can't wait to learn to drive it! I've never owned a manual transmission, so that should be real fun....:-P 

So of course, the first thing I wanted to do was take it for a photo shoot! And you know what, it's much harder than I thought to find an ideal location to photograph a car, especially a sports car. Somewhere with no power lines, a simple background, and enough open space to make the car the central focus point. Lord. We drove around for about 2 hours trying to scout a location, since it's pretty impossible to research places ahead of time not knowing what you're looking for! So this shot was literally pure luck, or simply preparation met with opportunity. I was ready to hop out and shoot at a moment's notice! It was my husband's last ditch effort/idea of a place to go, this back residential road. I wasn't really feeling it, my mind racing to figure out how I could compose this shot (sun was setting fast) just to get SOMETHING after all the driving we did! It was still a fun ride regardless, but c'mon. I wanted a good shot! I was set to get one that night.

Then it hit me. I saw the sun setting over by an elementary school randomly placed among neighborhoods. There was an empty parking lot save for one random electrical looking truck in the background. I got out and directed my husband where to position the car just right, and he hopped out. I snapped a few shots from a few different angles, and the rest is history. Then, spent about 3 hours photoshopping the best one to make it perfect. Considering I had no lighting other than the super bright sun setting behind the car, the foreground was obviously pretty dark. So I brought that up to balance out the light, smoothed out some of the reflections, took out the license plate and voila! Oh and I may have bumped up the saturation of the sunset colors a bit ;)

Let me know what you think! You can also see our story over on Ford Social Here.