Monday, February 23, 2009

a few more from downtown

Long story short, my memory card was "corrupted" and deleted pictures that I took. These are some of what I didn't put up and also what I had to go back and reshoot (downtown at our public library), because I thought they were worth it. Let me know if you agree haha

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Took a walk downtown today...

...and found some fanTASTIC stores to photograph stuff in. It's a little town, but I was still surprised no one kicked me out or got mad! Let me know what you think, as always.

My Latest Short Story!!

Ok, here it is. Short story #2. It's called "The Rainbow Fairies," and it's basically a story I invented to explain how a rainbow is created. I knocked it out in about 2 days and it's 10 pages long, just like my first one. Let me know what you think!! (compared to my first one, too!)

And I'm having extreme technical difficulties here, or am just really stupid, but I can click and enlarge the pictures when they're above the words, but as soon as I moved more than 3 pictures it wouldn't do it!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I think the photo a day project inspired this one. Every day I try to look at things from a photographer's perspective, to find the interesting and unusual angle. I couldn't resist the burning desire to photograph these beautiful flowers my roommate just bought, and out came my latest favorite. I don't know why, but I LOVE this picture! What do you think?

and then this is another angle of the same flowers, which I also really like.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Toys For Tots 5k

I shot this in December for Innsbrook Today magazine. It was just a 5k for adults, but you could bring your kids along and have them run like half a mile before the 5k around the parking lot. You had to donate a toy to participate :) it was really cute, and a great experience!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

photos from my film photo class in high school

Ah, back in the days when you had to work hours and hours in the darkroom to come out with the perfect print. Yeah...a whole 4 years ago for me haha. Sadly, film photography is slowly fading out, being replaced by digital cameras and photoshop (which, I admit, I do love more, but it's just not as gratifying). So here are some pictures I took using different methods, like painting on the developing chemicals and dodging and burning Barbie's face into a $2 bill. Barbie for president, wooo! 

Barbie makes an appearance

Just a little sepia/vignetting action

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cool random sketch

One of my favorite things to doodle/draw, but this is my own eye, so I was looking in the mirror drawing my own eye! fun stuff haha

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Latest Poems

These aren't some of my favorite, but they're ok. Let me know what you think could be improved/anything that should stay. If nothing else, just let me know if they weren't torture to read! haha

I drive the open road
To the place I call home.

In this moment alone, I ponder aimlessly
About things that only come to mind
At random times...
Like right before bed,
Staring up at the ceiling,
All the things that I'm feeling
Come rushing to the surface
They won't let me sleep
After being suppressed
Now they're being addressed
With no one to judge,
They spill out of my chest

From my heart they unwind
Like a flag unfurling
Cloth and pole, once intertwined
Now my thoughts are all swirling

I can't get to bed
I'm driving autopilot
All these thoughts in my head
Are creating a riot
And before I know it,
I've arrived back at home.
I'm no longer alone, so for now
This whirling storm of thoughts
Must be postponed
Until another road trip is sought
And I'm again all alone. 

And this one's a little self-explanatory...

"The economy sucks
So don't push your luck,"
The televisions preach.
"Dow's goin' down
So don't stick around
To see what new lows stocks will reach."
People laid off
Jobs being lost
The dollar is stretched to the max
But how do we know
That it's not just a show
When we really don't know all the facts?
People freak out
They worry too much;
Should've been wise from the start.
NOW they're resourceful!
NOW they're remorseful-
For purchases made without heart.
So make what you can 
Of these words from THE MAN!
And just try to do your part.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Inches of snow later...

What a beautiful day on campus it was yesterday. Snow always seems to make things prettier, don't you think?