Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Latest Short Story!!

Ok, here it is. Short story #2. It's called "The Rainbow Fairies," and it's basically a story I invented to explain how a rainbow is created. I knocked it out in about 2 days and it's 10 pages long, just like my first one. Let me know what you think!! (compared to my first one, too!)

And I'm having extreme technical difficulties here, or am just really stupid, but I can click and enlarge the pictures when they're above the words, but as soon as I moved more than 3 pictures it wouldn't do it anymore...help!!


  1. I LOVE the illustrations!!!

    Jess, we at The Bung Blog give you the official Bung Blog seal of approval! (We've never done that before, so you should be stoked!) ;)

  2. PS - I have more exciting news for you - check your gmail account to find out! :)

  3. I forgot to leave a post today after I read your book. I think I got a phone call, and wandered off.

    It made me smile! Very nice. Enjoy your work.