Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aaaaand more art!

Here's some more artwork that I found this past weekend, finally got a chance to post it! Any favorites here? (personally, my favorite is the stargazer lilly, my fav flower!) 
As always, feedback is welcome :)


  1. I like the Ranch and A-1. My husband loves A-1! I also love the snow couple photo. Keep up that photography.

    Check out my husband's folk art web site at: http://www.aurence.com. You will love the colors. He has work all over the world. He was a USMC doorgunner in Vietnam, and also does Vietnam war art, but that sells really fast.

    If you are ever in DC, go to the Price of Freedom Exhibit at the Museum of American History at the National Mall. There is a Huey helicopter there. It was used in the filming of the documentary, In the Shadow of the Blade." My husband was in the doc that airs on the Military Channel. When they were filming him they had him paint the icons on the Huey that are in all of his paintings. One is a white dog, the other a fire ball, and one is a squiggly in the shape of a "D" with two hatch-marks that appears under his signature (it is in honor of his high school friend that was killed in Vietnam).

    Anyway, enjoy your site. Keep up the good work!

  2. Your art is intriguing! I dig it!

    Also be sure to check out our blog at www.thebungblog.blogspot.com.

  3. Wow, what a difficult drawing study. You have drawn this really well.

  4. Hi, Jess! I like stargazer lilies, too. I think my favorite in this series is the two hands, though. Makes me want to know more about their story.