Wednesday, February 11, 2009

photos from my film photo class in high school

Ah, back in the days when you had to work hours and hours in the darkroom to come out with the perfect print. Yeah...a whole 4 years ago for me haha. Sadly, film photography is slowly fading out, being replaced by digital cameras and photoshop (which, I admit, I do love more, but it's just not as gratifying). So here are some pictures I took using different methods, like painting on the developing chemicals and dodging and burning Barbie's face into a $2 bill. Barbie for president, wooo! 

Barbie makes an appearance

Just a little sepia/vignetting action


  1. haha you're too kind, Ashley! thanks for all your lovely comments!! :)

  2. how beautiful - your photos...what kind of canon do you use?

  3. who is that little girl with the flowers? she is gorgeous (this is fun exploring blogging!)

  4. haha Alex, the little girl is just a sweet random kid I saw at a farmer's market at home in Richmond. Isn't she adorable!??!