Tuesday, March 31, 2009

first came basketball...

...now here's some baseball! I was quite proud of myself for not totally zoning out and missing these sweet action shots! haha. Sorry guys, baseball just seems much more fun to play, not watch. Anyhoo, here are my action shots.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I got the job!!

  You know, that one I interviewed for with the ridiculously hard questions?! Yep, all mine. Well, technically there's now two photographers, but I'm one of those two! haha. Oh, and I got ahold of MY pictures that I took as the "hands on" part of the interview. I'm hoping that's what sold them on the interview...since I KNOW my Q&A skills were lacking...
Anyhoo, here are some of them...I wish I could put all of them on here, but this job is super high tech, and I edited them on CS4!! And I'm lucky to have photoshop 7 haha! Therefore, I can't open them all on my computer. So here are a few that actually worked. Just thought I'd share the good news with everyone :) 

quad shots of Wilson Hall, pretty much our main building

and the only portrait shot that I could open haha

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My "Alter Ego" photo assignment

For my digital photo class, I had to photograph my alter ego...the only thing I could think of for this was my exact opposite. Now, I don't want people getting offended by this, because I'm in no way putting down people's personal style choices...but I chose a gothic person as my opposite, or Alter Ego, to photograph. My roommates volunteered to be my models, they were actually pretty pysched to do it...but anyhoo, considering I had a makeshift "studio" (aka, my room with a blanket up as a backdrop, and in my living room in front of curtains) I think they turned out pretty cool!! Let me know any favorites, comments, etc.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My last short story

So sad...but this is my final short story this semester. It's about two dogs, one of which is a puppy and one is much older. It's a story about friendship over time :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, remember how I said I had a lot of photo-related things going on right now?! Well, another thing was just added to that list. I applied weeks ago to be a photographer for my school's University Unions program. They photograph school events and such. It pays pretty well, and seems like a great opportunity. So I interviewed formally this past Monday, which was by FAR the hardest interview I've ever been on. How exactly do you answer a question like "So why shouldn't we hire you for this job?" 

Anyhoo, yesterday I had to actually put my skills to the test. I had to go out and shoot pictures of our "quad," I had to do a studio portrait shot (set everything up myself) and then a creative shot of my choice. I really liked the shots I took, since yesterday it was SO gorgeous out and as soon as that happens, everyone on campus is outside laying out, playing frisbee, playing with puppies, etc. I really want to keep the pictures I took on their camera, so hopefully if I get the job I can copy them. So you know I'll be posting those!! 
Other than that, nothing extremely exciting has happened lately, or has been post-worthy. I'll keep you guys updated!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool news! plus a change-up

I know I've been focusing a lot on photography lately, (it IS my passion haha) but coincidentally I've just had a lot of photo-related things going on recently. One of which was the opportunity to photograph a high school state quarterfinals basketball game for The Roanoke Times!! One of my teachers sent out the word that they needed a photographer (the game was being held at my school) and I was like OMG I'LL DO IT! So yeah. These are a few shots from the game. Considering I've never shot a basketball game before, I was quite pleased with myself for pulling it off!! I was sooo nervous haha. These are a few of my faves, and be-LIEVE me there were way more where these came from!

So they're going to run my pictures (I'm not sure how many) in their community paper, and send me some copies!! How cool is that?! AND they put it on their blog:

it's official! haha.
So anyhoo, that made my week. 

To switch it up a little, I think it's appropriate to put in this poem I wrote a week or so ago. It's called "My Selves."

I find that I am currently trapped
among multiple different selves
Split into parts of halves of pieces
attempting to make up a whole.

My attention's divided about just as much
So a complete thought is out of the question.

This whirlwind of to-do lists and events I accidently missed--
while trying to get something else done--
has put a strain on my ability
to stay sane
and entertain
all of my selves at once.

my selves,
all as a whole
Blur any focus I had.
So I have to question, 
in the end,
which one is really me?

The artist?
The photographer?
The writer wannabe?

Those all belong to creativity.

The daughter?
The sister?
The student at a university?

Those all incorporate family.

The runner?
The girlfriend?
The roommate?
but see...

These all summarize me.

While within they conflict
As a whole, they depict
Who I truly am, heart and soul.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Part Three! Portraits

Ok guys, it only took me forever, but here they are: my favorite portraits. You'll probably recognize a few of them, since my favorites tend to appear in multiple places. Please let me know what you guys think!! I really appreciate everyone's input :)