Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool news! plus a change-up

I know I've been focusing a lot on photography lately, (it IS my passion haha) but coincidentally I've just had a lot of photo-related things going on recently. One of which was the opportunity to photograph a high school state quarterfinals basketball game for The Roanoke Times!! One of my teachers sent out the word that they needed a photographer (the game was being held at my school) and I was like OMG I'LL DO IT! So yeah. These are a few shots from the game. Considering I've never shot a basketball game before, I was quite pleased with myself for pulling it off!! I was sooo nervous haha. These are a few of my faves, and be-LIEVE me there were way more where these came from!

So they're going to run my pictures (I'm not sure how many) in their community paper, and send me some copies!! How cool is that?! AND they put it on their blog:

it's official! haha.
So anyhoo, that made my week. 

To switch it up a little, I think it's appropriate to put in this poem I wrote a week or so ago. It's called "My Selves."

I find that I am currently trapped
among multiple different selves
Split into parts of halves of pieces
attempting to make up a whole.

My attention's divided about just as much
So a complete thought is out of the question.

This whirlwind of to-do lists and events I accidently missed--
while trying to get something else done--
has put a strain on my ability
to stay sane
and entertain
all of my selves at once.

my selves,
all as a whole
Blur any focus I had.
So I have to question, 
in the end,
which one is really me?

The artist?
The photographer?
The writer wannabe?

Those all belong to creativity.

The daughter?
The sister?
The student at a university?

Those all incorporate family.

The runner?
The girlfriend?
The roommate?
but see...

These all summarize me.

While within they conflict
As a whole, they depict
Who I truly am, heart and soul.


  1. EXCELLENT PHOTOS. Fantastic poem too.

    For your first attempt you did a GREAT job catching the action and intensity of the game. I felt like I was there.

  2. Fantastic photos. I shot three bb games last week. I wish I could post them for you to see but they belong to the paper.

    And you have a ball in every photo! Sports editors like that!

  3. Hi, Jess! Nice stop-action shots at the basketball game! It's always cool to have the suggestion of movement in sports photos. Good for you for stretching outside the norm and trying something new! And congratulations on getting them published, too! :-)

  4. PS: Don't forget our "My Town Shoot Out" for Friday. This week it is people.

  5. Awesome photos! Those are great action shots.

  6. THANK YOU guys SO much for your kind words!!! It really means a lot to me to hear so much support and reassurance! I really didn't expect this kind of a reaction!! So thanks for making my day! :)

  7. Great shots, Jess! This coming weekend I'm also taking pictures of basketball players, but that's after the games. Just the winners. I do this once a month.

  8. Sports photography is so difficult for a variety of logistic and lighting issues. These are wonderful! I too felt like I was there at the game seeing all the action. I've seen many, many pro-photographers print much less inspiring photos in newspapers,etc. These are great!

  9. Need I say more. These collection are serious stuff. You school are so lucky to have them for free from the sound of it. You captured the whole thrills & vibes of the game.
    The top picture was just OUTSTANDING! The expression on the girl's face. You caught them all. Phenomenal! Congrats.

  10. did I miss this post?!?! First off - your pics are AMAZING!!! And second, congrats on getting them published - what an honor!!

    I really love your poem too. I bet a lot of people can truly relate. You just keep being YOU, because you are a compilation of many wonderful things! :)