Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, remember how I said I had a lot of photo-related things going on right now?! Well, another thing was just added to that list. I applied weeks ago to be a photographer for my school's University Unions program. They photograph school events and such. It pays pretty well, and seems like a great opportunity. So I interviewed formally this past Monday, which was by FAR the hardest interview I've ever been on. How exactly do you answer a question like "So why shouldn't we hire you for this job?" 

Anyhoo, yesterday I had to actually put my skills to the test. I had to go out and shoot pictures of our "quad," I had to do a studio portrait shot (set everything up myself) and then a creative shot of my choice. I really liked the shots I took, since yesterday it was SO gorgeous out and as soon as that happens, everyone on campus is outside laying out, playing frisbee, playing with puppies, etc. I really want to keep the pictures I took on their camera, so hopefully if I get the job I can copy them. So you know I'll be posting those!! 
Other than that, nothing extremely exciting has happened lately, or has been post-worthy. I'll keep you guys updated!!


  1. Congrats - can't wait to see the pics!!!! I bet you captured so much life!

  2. Congrats! Sounds exciting. Nice work, too. No deadlines. Sometimes I get a moments notice and they want the photo NOW. Thank goodness for laptops and broadband.

    "Why shouldn't you hire me for this job?"

    Because someone is going to have to spend a lot of their valuable time telling me to go home, or take some time off.

  3. woa, good answer, Patty! I really stumbled on this question, I've just never been asked that before! Well, now I know!