Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And for my FINAL portfolio...

I have finally come up with an idea for my final portfolio for my digital photo class. All by myself!! 
Here it is: Man-made items vs nature. I'm going to make a Blurb book (www.blurb.com), and on each two pages I will have a man-made item that resembles an item in nature facing that which it resembles. For example:

These two items have similar colors and shapes, a grapefruit, and a watch.

I've been working on this all day today in between the funky weather. I think I have some pretty good ideas. Here's another one:

A yellow tulip, and a paintbrush with yellow paint

 This is due in a couple weeks, so I'm gettin a move on it so I can order the book and have it get here in time!! Wish me luck! haha


  1. I think that's a great idea. And good luck!

  2. I agree, very creative idea! I love the two examples you shared...best of luck!

  3. Thanks for visiting MY blog, Jessica. I think this is a great idea for your final project. I really love the tulip and paintbrush.

    I'm working on my final project, too, for my Web Design class. I'm building a site for a friend who is a jewelry designer.