Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oceana Air Show

Now talk about a great photo opportunity! These jets and planes were absolutely amazing, and having never attended the show before, I was surprised by the different acts they put on. I have here about 20 of my favorite pictures (out of the 400 I took...) to share with you all. Just know that these pictures can't even begin to illustrate how fantastic this show was.

There were stunt planes, the Blue Angels, the F-15 Strike Eagle, and of course, the Shockwave Jet Truck that has three jet engines attached to the back. Ridiculous.


Isn't this kid adorable?! I couldn't resist getting some people shots

This guy actually stood on the top of the yellow plane and then latched onto the helicopter and held on all the way until it landed.

It was SOO cold!!

The Blue Angels actually fly so close together you can barely tell there's more than one


  1. awesome shots of your air show. I can't beleive how low the were flying. love the last 3 photos of the displays. some serious stunning stunts. also it's good that you pointed your lens on the ground too. you caught some great moments of the show. the child with the uniform was well spotted. he's obviously going to be a pilot, one can see. great work!

  2. Great work, girlie! I also love the fall pics - the leaves are so colorful!!!

    BTW, I tagged you over at my blog. Not the Bung Blog, but we're working to get something posted over there soon. :)