Friday, January 30, 2009

Some of my artwork!

Ok, I thought it would be impossible to download my pictures this weekend, but then I remembered my dad's desktop has a built-in card reader in the actual computer!!
So, here's some of my stuff, it ranges anywhere from middle school to high school (in either my AP 2D or 3D class) up until recently. I'll try and specify.
Hope you enjoy!! Looking back at all my sketchbooks kind of surprised me. I had forgotten half the stuff I drew just because, at the time, they were merely homework assignments!!

Ok. These first 3 are pastel drawings on textured paper, just landscapes.

This is a random landscape I painted with regular acrylics on that circular piece of cardboard that comes under a pizza.

And THESE are two of many wire sculpture animals I made in my AP 3D class. It was fun, but really time consuming wrapping all the wire over and over! In the case of mr. lizard, I just wrapped green wire around the already wrapped aluminum wire. For ms. flamingo, I just stuffed her with pink tissue paper! They HAD to have color, it made them much more interesting.

And these were from 10th grade, award ceremonies/holiday cards that our class competed to design the cover to. I guess my teacher really liked mine!


  1. Wow, girl in grey sky and blazing sunset (sunrise?) reminds me of the feeling of my emergence over the last two years.

  2. wow these paintings are absolutely amazing. You have great talent!!!

  3. Great Job with all of your art work. I photograph but am jealous of your multi-talented successes! Photography, painter, poet? I enjoyed your blog and look forward to visiting again. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wow you are good and artistic. i wish I was too... i am trying to become talented. LOL give me pointers on my work if you can :)

  5. I totally want to buy that flamingo from you!!!! My dad would go nuts over it - he has a "caribbean room" at their lake house and pretty much worships Jimmy Buffett!

  6. hahaha!! That's too of the teachers at my high school actually offered to buy it too, I was quite surprised! Maybe I should take the hint and start a business, eh?

  7. Hi, Jess! Love the landscapes! They are gorgeous! And the wire creatures look like they were so much fun to make! :-)